Hayley Kassel, is a Chicago-based and bi-coastal Makeup Artist. After deciding to take her interest in beauty more seriously, she attended Chicago’s ‘Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry’ where she learned the skills necessary to turn a hobby into a lucrative passion.

Certified in Beauty, Bridal, Clinical, Editorial/Fashion, Media/HD and Theatrical/SFX she began building relationships with professionals in the industry. Word of mouth spread her name like wildfire. Her unmistakable personality, skill, and passion have made her a highly sought after team member. She is also the Lead Instructor at Glam Lab Makeup Studios Chicago.

With cold calls from Producers, Photographers, Designers, Models and Hair Stylists requesting her unique ability to take a beautifully ‘natural’ and ‘flawless’ look to an extremely bold editorial look without creating a disconnect in the final product, Hayley’s work makes a statement. A picture is worth a thousand words, but you only need four. With Hayley Kassel, you “Go Beyond the Vanity”.



PUBLICATION                                                             ADVERTISING

Cliche Magazine                                                                         AKIRA

Black&Grey Magazine                                                               Alexandra Torissi

Labores Solis Magazine                                                            Beata Dirycz

TWIST Magazine                                                                        InTouch Clothing

Unallied Magazine                                                                     FitWear USA

Vogue Italia (online)                                                                   LGM Swimwear

Fashion Faces Magazine                                                           Gatta (UK)

BAST Magazine                                                                          New York Color Cosmetics

CXiii Magazine

Ellements Magazine

LadyGunn Magazine

Institute Magazine

Seek.Me Magazine

Elegant Magazine

FaceOn Magazine

Papercut Magazine

BeautyLook Magazine

Zen Magazine

Fashion Served Magazine

Design Scene Magazine

Lucire Magazine